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How much H9 is right for you? A one-month supply for one person is two boxes (16 bottles per box, one bottle per day for 32 days). Be sure to select the appropriate number of boxes for your household. H9 water is for sharing so be sure you have enough! Remember, every purchase of H9 comes with a 90-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Preferred Customers are eligible for the H9 3&Free program. Enroll three customers and your H9 is FREE.

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Trying H9 for the first time? Make a one-time purchase here to order just a single month’s supply.

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Our Mission

We at H9 Water understand the role water plays in achieving optimal health. It is with this understanding that has allowed us to continually invest in water research, which in turn has allowed us to produce one of the most beneficial, scientifically-backed water products ever created.

Our H9 Hydrogen-Rich Structured Water is made possible by our powerful business model which can provide financial freedom to ambitious social entrepreneurs. This model will help grow financial futures and forever elevate the understanding of the role that water plays in achieving optimum wellness across the globe.

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